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Sector Cyber

Location Be’er Sheva

Year of foundation 2016

Number of employees 23

Sector HLS, UAV

Location Kibbutz Karmia

Year of foundation 2018

Number of employees 16

Sector Agritech

Location Sha'ar Hanegev

Year of foundation 2012

Number of employees 7

Sector  Website Builder

Location Be’er Sheva

Year of foundation 2016

Number of employees 12

Sector IT & Enterprise Software: Security

Location Be’er Sheva

Year of foundation 2018

Number of employees 7

Sector  Digital Health

Location Be’er Sheva

Year of foundation 2015

Number of employees 5

Sector IOT

Location Be’er Sheva

Year of foundation 2014

Number of employees 6

Sector Digital Health

Location Be’er Sheva

Year of foundation 2009

Number of employees 20

Sector Mobile Analytics

Location Omer

Year of foundation 2015

Number of employees 10

Sector Cyber Security

Location Be’er Sheva

Year of foundation 2014

Number of employees 82


The Southern Ecosystem


"The collaborations between the military, academia and the private sector comprise the key ingredients of how the Beersheba's ecosystem has evolved and succeeded"


Over 80% of attacks happen on the endpoint and advanced evasive threats pose the biggest risk. Antivirus can handle commodity malware but fileless attacks are 10x more likely to breach your business. Morphisec is built on Moving Target Defense to preemptively prevent the most dangerous endpoint attacks – no guessing, no detecting, no hunting.

DEFEND YOUR ENDPOINTS AND OPERATIONS Prevents zero-days, fileless threats, evasive, unknown malware, ransomware and browser-based attacks Stops attacks pre-breach before they can do any damage, with no IOCs or detection required No false alerts, zero performance impact and no updates needed Provides full protection at all times, even when offline.

Functions seamlessly across virtual, physical or hybrid IT environments Captures rich, actionable forensic information for use by security teams and SIEMs.



Mobbo measures the Mobile world and provides powerful data driven market research tools, by monitoring the mobile technology stack of Millions of apps.

Mobbo offers a robust intelligence software providing insights to help publishers, investors, marketers, cyber security firms and analysts across the world, make more informed decisions, and succeed in the global app economy.



DiA Imaging Analysis makes ultrasound accessible to all by using its advanced AI-based technology that helps clinicians, in all levels of experience, analyze ultrasound images - objectively and accurately.

Ultrasound images evaluations are done mainly visually. Such evaluations are subjective, time- consuming, error-prone, cumbersome, and highly dependent on the users' experience.

DiA’s automated tools deliver fast and accurate clinical indications to support the decision-making process and offer better patient care. It helps reducing variability among users, and increasing efficiency by allowing clinicians to quickly and easily analyze ultrasound images.

The technology is based on advanced pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms that automatically imitate the way the human eye detects image borders and identifies motion.



Croosing developed and launched the ground-breaking SUPERLINK technology for autonomous browsing. For the first time, websites’ owners can auto-lead targeted audience from any channel to complete a tailored journey and achieve the desired outcome - boosting the users' satisfaction while reducing the websites churn.

Croosing is VC-backed (raised $1.6M) with three patents pending, and an alumni of the prestigious IBM Alpha Zone program. Expanding worldwide, Croosing is currently recruiting leading customers from a variety of industries (finance, services, travel, government) and collaborating with partners around the globe - such as Amdocs and Freshworks to name a few.

Croosing is the brainchild of Uri Ravin, a veteran creator of advertising and media initiatives and Yaron Peretz, a serial entrepreneur of tech-based businesses.



PerSimiO introduces, Simfini, a superior CT-based prediction model to simulate the response of human bones to load. Based on intelligent machine learning, finite element analysis and computational biomechanics – with nearly two decades of research and experimentation – our validated technology generates bone quality and strength assessment with unmatched reliability.



Valid Network Cyber Security and Assurance solution empowers organization to innovate with Blockchain.
Business applications developed to run on DLT(distributed ledger technology) are human made and after deployment it behaves as autonomous entity controlled by the rules of the systems.  As such, if there are bugs and malicious errors, those needs to be monitored, investigated and mitigated. DLT as a frontier technology needs novel advance tool-chain to support mass adoption and this is what Valid Network set out to solve.



SITE123 is the most intuitive and easy to use free website builder on the market. The website builder was designed around the concept that anyone should be able to create their own website. With both free and premium memberships, and over 2 million users worldwide, SITE123 enables businesses and private individuals to take their businesses and passions online.

It was created to address core problems in the website builder field - clients having incomplete, non-converting, non-responsive, slow, or unattractive websites. Using website structures and pre-designed page layouts SITE123 make it possible for anyone to make a beautiful looking website quickly and easily while all websites are automatically responsive, SEO optimized, and can be published in minutes.

SITE123, By Far The Easiest Free Website Builder



Tevatronic develops an autonomous irrigation control system designed to identify how much water plants need and provide it in precise timing. The system promotes increased crop health and productivity while lowering the use of water and fertilizer, thus reducing soil contamination.

At the heart of the Tevatronic system is the wireless soil sensor (tensiometer), which is connected to a cloud server via irrigation controller. The sensor is installed in each irrigation zone. Tevatronic's algorithm calculates how long watering should continue, and when the time is up, the irrigation stops. Eventually the plant controls its own irrigation by integrating with the new irrigation method. The system is already commercially installed in Israel and abroad.



CopterPix Pro was founded in February 2018 by a group of talented, experienced and forward-thinking experts, who served as UAV pilots and piloting instructors in the Israeli Air Force’s UAV unit. Their mission: provide clients with a one stop shop introducing affordable, open-source and advanced drone solutions along with aerial services.

CopterPix Pro  specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing unique and advanced tailor-made UAV solutions for special assignment drones. We combine our multiple capabilities to offer our clients end-to-end UAV services – ongoing research & development to the UAV and drone industry, tailor-made solutions for special mission projects, and manufacturing professional, high-end drones that surpass the capabilities of any competitors by far.


Source Defense

Every commercial website includes dozens of integrated 3rd party vendors that help it grow and maximize its business potential. Unfortunately, these 3rd parties introduce a client-side website vulnerability that leaves your website exposed. These 3rd party integrations provide an unmanaged connection between 3rd party JS vendors’ servers and the clients’ browser, which enables hackers to gain unlimited access to the web page, assume total control, and enjoy the same privileges as the website owner. Source Defense is a real-time SAAS solution that protects websites from vulnerabilities originating in third-party scripts.





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