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The Evolution of Southern Israel's Ecosystem

Updated: May 14, 2019

Yotam Tzuker

The collaborations between the military, academia and the private sector comprise the key ingredients of how the Beersheba's ecosystem has evolved and succeeded.

Beer-sheva has all of the ingredients of a vibrant technology ecosystem. Key players include Ben-Gurion University and the Cyber Security Research Center, as well as the presence of companies such as JVP,EMC, Deutsche Telekom, CDI, Oracle, IBM, WIX, WeWork and more. It is also the home of the National CERT (Community Emergency Response Team); offering a special income tax incentive for cyber security companies, also serving as the new location for the IDF’s Intelligence Corps units.

Our presence is yet another addition to Beersheba’s recent growth. Our activity at Tech7, the tech and startup community of Beersheba and the Negev, strives to cultivate a top tier global innovation ecosystem in the city.

Tech7 has introduced the concept of the Beersheva Human Capital Flow– a vital key ingredient in building an optimally configured synthetic ecosystem. What is unique about Beersheba is that the ecosystems players did not just randomly enter the scene on their own, but in a highly integrated fashion. Communication preceded the commencement of each project. This led to coordination, collaboration and, ultimately, synergy. It was, and is, the willingness to work together that helped create a smooth human capital flow.

This notion of working together is exactly what we at Tech7 aim to develop. Tech7 is the ingredient that spices up the Beersheba ecosystem, transforming it into a lively and vibrant success story.


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