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Construction and Reinforcement of the Southern Ecosystem

Updated: May 14, 2019

Dr. Orna Berry and Amit Keren

Visionaries and leaders have brought the Southern Israel Ecosystem to its present status. Amongst them are prime ministers, mayors, university presidents, scientists, heads of industries and national systems, entrepreneurs, managers and students from the educational and academic networks. People and opportunities. Excellence and vision.

So, what would we like to create in order for the wonderful momentum to keep accelerating and developing? We would like to strengthen the chain of command and expand the functions, networks, companies, activities, and studies that have succeeded and add more of their like to create a clear critical presence in the South of Israel.

This is a national project, in which the key players mentioned above strive, along with the state, to continue to accelerate together with all the amazing pioneers who provide the initiative and ability to establish these projects.

What break through innovations have been born in the South? Digital medicine, petro-chemistry, energy, desert agriculture and precision agriculture, integrated cyber solutions (the CERT for example)... and what will help to create a critical presence? Consistent acceleration and excellence.

What does this require? It will require incensing local providers to integrate smart technological services, importing highly qualified researchers, developers and industry heads from Israel and overseas, and the development of an internationally competitive infrastructure. It will also require ongoing support for the maintenance and expansion of the ecosystem and the infrastructure for many years to come. All this, together with the transfer of the IDF intelligence units to the Negev, will create a large pool of human resources with far reaching professional and occupational networks. As a result, the Negev will flourish and a blooming professional world will emerge, along with the expansion of the medical, educational and transportation infrastructures.

Beyond the glorious settlement enterprise in the Negev and the innovative desert agricultural industry, the scientific breakthroughs in the Negev are attributed to the establishment and operation of the Dimona nuclear plant, the settlement of its employees in the Southern cities, and the engagement of their families in the establishment of local medical and academic institutions. A first step in the path to scientific excellence.

While the rest of the country is lacking in technical personnel, the Negev is filled with military veterans from the air force and armored corps with technical education and experience; The human potential is far greater than the potential currently utilized in professional positions. The initial success of the hi-tech sector in municipal support and in the governmental-academia-business triangle will grow exponentially with the arrival of the IDF technological units to the south.

The South today is a cultural attraction, not just a technological one. Spiritual development and encouragement of cultural ventures by artists in the cities of the South allow for accessible and diverse collaborations. The atmosphere of cooperation and leadership has brought leading artists to the South, and has born new exceptional artists in its wake. Although housing prices in Israel are very expensive, with the development of efficient transportation and the diversification of employment in the South, individuals and families discover a meaningful and impactful life.

Excellence, motivation, extraordinary cooperation, infrastructure development, social quality and national priority - these form the present face of the South of Israel, and the powerful basis for future growth.


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